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a gorilla eats all the bananasdeep sea explorersa cheeky penguina polar exploration vehiclea seaplane takes off on adventuregoats climb laddersa badger drives a go karta monkey in the jungle vinesa parrot flies through the jungle

A Picture Speaks 1,000 words

kids can too


Mid-ocean mayhem!
On a mid-twentieth century shipping line, the animals being transported have broken free from their crates.
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Antarctic Explorers

The bottom of the world
You probably think there's little to see in the frozen wastes of the Antarctic. Nope! There's lots going on
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The castle comes alive!
Chaos reigns at the castle. Loosely based on the ruins in Fougères, France, this scene is jam packed full of detail. Soapbox go karts crash, cuddly creatures tumble, dance, sing and moonbathe.
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Kids love stories, and they prefer telling them. Looking & Telling posters are created with lots of non-linear action about to happen, messes and accidents caused and imaginative leaps to make.

It’s all about the details. No talking down, no big simple shapes here; a world of fantastic depth invites the little guys to jump in!


Developing language skills is hard work for growing brains. Stories help engage this process getting kids to talk at length - practice expands a child’s ability to discuss and describe their world.

All Looking & Telling posters are about exploring a world where everything is new and exciting!

Posters are 50 x 70cm,
€40 + P&P

This fits the standard Ikea frame, and gives enough detail for kids to get lost in

The Details

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Easy Framing

No-one wants an expensive frame in a kid's room. For that matter no-one wants a kid's cherished possession behind an easily broken pane of glass. That's why all our images are printed and cropped to 50 x 70 cm. That's the size of Ikea's most popular frame - the Ribba. It's cheap, practically disposable and has shock resisting Polystyrene instead of glass. 

The 50 x 70 cm size is also big enough that it feels giant in a room filled with things for little people. They'll get a kick out of their new picture. The frame is light, why not take it down and into bed for storytime?

No Frame? No problem.

Stick your poster straight to the wall, the paper is a durable poster paper.

Print Quality - Attention to Detail

For printing, Looking & Telling has partnered with Peecho, a print company based in the Netherlands. Each poster is output on request as a high definition digital print. As should be the case with posters for kids, the colours are bright. But kids are realists, we're not talking saccharine-sweet, candy-coated, condescending baby colours. Depending on the art, the posters have deep greys, mysterious darks and grittily enigmatic areas. This is really important to Looking & Telling - our art doesn't talk down to kids, it's about bringing them up!

Each artwork is originally created by hand using found textures, paint, ink, pencil and whatever comes to hand. It is all brought together and compiled digitally to create a unique vision, in stunning environments.


Relax we'll ship to you. Postage will be calculated on checkout.


Looking & Telling only completes online sales for the moment. That may change, but not any time soon.

How Do You Read a Picture?

If you aren't sure how to read a picture, relax, it's easy and fun. The beauty of images is they embrace multiple readings. That's a nice way of saying you can't go wrong.

How does it make you feel? Is it exciting? What's your favourite colour? Who is this guy/girl here, and what is he/she going to do next? Where is this picture set? Ask simple questions and a child's fertile imagination will take over. If you want out find out more, this is a good place to start reading about visual literacy and reading pictures...

Visual literacy - explaining an image
All posters are carefully studied and planned